Narrative Assignment

Following the instruction and two paragraph is good enough

For this assignment, you are to imagine making a film.  First choose a genre to use as the style for your film. Make sure you have studied and viewed all the documentary films in American Culture/American Cinema.  Then write a summary of the main plot points for this film you imagine. Also describe how the sets, lighting, locations, costumes, props, actions, characters and/or psychological tone of the film you propose would fit the genre you have chosen.  

Here is the step-by-step process for this assignment:

 1. Choose one genre of film out of this list:

Film Noir

The Western Film

Combat or War Film


2. Write in outline or prose, a summary of a film you would make that fulfills the basic elements of the genre you have chosen.  You do not need to write dialogue or a script; the summary is fine. Use the basic elements of that genre that you have learned from the documentary films in the American Culture/American Cinema series.  —-First: give the genre you have chosen to use: Film Noir, Combat film or The Western.  

Briefly describe the narrative or story outline. The story of the film must be the kind of story told in the genre you have chosen.  The kind of story used in Film Noir is shown in that documentary.  That is also true for The Western film and the Combat or War film. 

Briefly describe how the sets, lighting, locations, costumes, props, actions, characters and/or psychological tone of the film you propose would fit the genre you have chosen.  

The point of this assignment is for you to show you understand the basic qualities of the film genre you have chosen, and to be creative and have (I hope) some fun.  The summary should be at least 1 page.  Make sure you also list the basic kinds of characters, locations, and conflicts of the genre you use, and make sure they follow the basic form for that genre.

Make sure you also explain the locations where the story takes place and what we would see on the screen. Your story can be located anywhere in the world but it must use the elements common to the genre you’ve chosen.  (For example, you cannot design a true “Western Film” that only takes place in the hallways and elevators and apartments of a high-rise building.  Why?  Because the Western film is located in the rural, undeveloped areas outside of ‘civilization’ with vast open plains and deserts, and many character use horses for transportation.)

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