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If You Are Someone Who Can Write Assignment, You Are Going to Rock in Australian Academic System Because Vast Majority of Students Find Writing a Real Big Challenge. Lack of Skills is Not the Only Thing That Can Compel You to Think About Online Services Because There Might Be Other Reasons Too Such As Lack of Time or Even Lack of Passion. In Fact, the REASON Does Not Really Matter Unless You Have Some Money with You. You Can Hire an Individual or Agency to Write for You. This Could Be the Easiest Thing to Do Just In Case You Have to Do It. Fortunately, there are a lot of service providers who are always ready to help you with your problems but whenever you are choosing anyone of them, make sure that they don’t make your problem bigger. Yes, it often happens especially in the cases when you fail to choose the most suitable people for completion of your task. Can Someone Do My Assignment for Me? We Are Here to Help You Get Out of Trouble.
However, written English is not so forgiving and, once you hit the enter key, it’s too late. You cannot get your business submission, resume, proposal, or assignment back. It has to be right before submission. Readers of written English, both online and offline, form very quick judgments about the written English used in critical documents. Micro- second judgements are formed when reading life-changing written documents like resumes, business letters, loan and tenancy applications, proposals, grant submissions, assignments, term papers, business emails and other forms of written communication. The writing in documents can be judged very harshly. One of the problems is, where English is a second language, people tend to think in their first language and then translate into English. Often the translation process is done subconsciously using the grammar and other rules of their primary language. The results tend to jumble the grammar and syntax so their English writing becomes stilted and awkward.
The writing loses its ‘flow and, in turn, confuses or irritates the reader. This means, very often, the long hours, effort, and hard work and preparation put into the document begin to unravel at the last hurdle – writing the document in English. The written communication does not adequately reflect the character of the writer. I used to work in a multi-cultural call centre in Australia and saw this happening a lot. Friends and colleagues would come to me for advice about writing their resumes, covering letters and various other written documents. Their writing was stilted, repetitive and difficult to read. I would work through the document, leave their ideas and concepts intact, but improve the flow and readability of the document so that the reader could more easily and quickly move through the written information. Remember, the reader is the one that makes the final decision. I am a writer and provided the service for nothing and in my spare time. They were friends and colleagues who just wanted to get an interview, find a better position, and move forward in life. I have the skills, love writing, and had a well paid job. I could afford to help people. Finding someone who will do that and charge nothing is a rarity. However, why rely on the favours of others when software is available, an online English writing tool that makes English writing easy. English writing software can give your writing the professional edge that makes the difference between being read or left for dead. About The Author Ronald Doherty is a writer with a background in corporate change management and special projects, and now writes on business building and personal development.
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