Novel Writing – How Long to Write a Novel?

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Most aspiring novel writers often ask how long to write a novel takes. The answer from various resources varies considerably. A writer may work on one book for 1 year while another writer may take half a year. There are factors that affect the amount of time spent on a novel.

1. Research and Details

A successful novel is composed of well put together details. In order to come up with the correct details you need research. For first time novel writers, it may take a long time to find out where you can find worthwhile information. Details like plot progression need to have a beginning, climax and conclusion. Character development is one aspect that most writers spend weeks on.

2. Expertise

Writers who are working on their first novel will take about 3 months to complete their drafts. You cannot put a finger to the time frame of completing a novel. The writing process gets easier as you produce more books.

3. Efforts

If you are wondering how long to write a novel takes, consider your efforts as well. A writer who is committed to work on a certain number of pages a day will complete it in a shorter time compared to someone who writes a page a week.

The best way to judge how long to write a novel takes is to view your situation objectively. You as a writer are in control of your work’s time frame and success. How many pages you write per day is more of a personal issue than anything else. If you dedicate some time daily to your writing then you can have your novel as soon as you want to.

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