Using the SWOT Analysis form as a guide, and information from the lesson, create a SWOT analysis that meets the following requirements

  1. The analysis needs to be of a Fortune 1000 company or your own company [assuming it is publicly traded] that details its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  2. The company must be publicly traded so you can access financial information (needed for lesson 6 assignments).
  3. You must use and cite library resources, or other web sources, such as Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, CNN, MSNBC, Hoovers, etc. All references should be cited appropriately using APA format.

Company: NVR, Inc.

Resources: (Links to an external site.) View Investor tab information.

Message from teacher: All, I’ve had a couple of folks ask some questions about using the SWOT form. You are welcome to use the form. That is why it is there. Please know, it is meant to organize your thoughts, but your responses should be more than a bullet. A sentence (or a couple) would be appropriate to describe your logic as to why something was a S, W, O, or T.

Hope that helps…always happy to answer your questions! Good question! Have a great day!