Objective research paper


Writing a research paper is not as difficult as it seems. That having been said, we cannot underestimate the amount of input that writing a high quality papers demand. Thus from the onset ensure you have enough time to undertake the research. Make sure you also make a work plan that acts as a general guideline on how you systematically move towards completing the research paper in time.

The very beginning of writing an objective research paper is settling on the thesis statement. This constitutes the subject matter of your study. It is determined by among other things the availability of information on the subject. The catch however is to keep the thesis statement simple and very specific. Determine your reference materials. If you will depend on materials at your local library, you need to familiarize yourself with the referencing style at the facility. This might call for the assistance of the librarian.

By now you are ready to begin taking notes for your research paper. You need cards which you will use to capture the main arguments in each of the references, consequently make sure to note down details of the publications; the author’s name, year as well as the title. The essence of this is to ensure you do not come back to the materials when writing down the reference list. While taking notes, data and statistics should be captured accurately. All quotations must be cited appropriately acknowledging other people’s works.

A great research paper is not just a record of studies that are referenced. You should be able to present an argument citing the stance taken by other authors. Document their findings and juxtapose them against yours. In conclusion evaluate objectively the findings of earlier studies with respect to what your study has established. Be sure to state your assumptions and provide recommendations.

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