‘one Tree Hill’ Coach Gets Busy With Movies

Barry Corbin is popularly known among One Tree Hill viewers as Coach Brian “Whitey” Durham. Last year, his character managed to lead the Ravens all the way to a championship and was finally able to live down a loss that had haunted him for 19 long years.

Off the court, Coach Durham also extended a helping hand to Nathan (James Lafferty) by guiding him in his search for a suitable college. Coach Whitey also agreed to take on a job as a collegiate bench mentor towards the latter part of season 4. When One Tree Hill returns with its fifth season come January, the 67-year old Corbin will also be back on the show even as he fulfills his duties for a couple of big screen vehicles.

In The House of Terror, Corbin will portray a Hungarian president in the spine-chilling motion picture about a political analyst constantly haunted by the letters C.F. The disturbing sign leads him to a building that was the site of terrible occurrences 50 years ago. It turns out that thousands of people suffered cruel torture in that structure, before going on to vanish and remain unnamed all because of politics.

The House of Terror also stars Talia Shire of Blue Smoke and The Whole Shebang; Clint Howard from Halloween and How to Eat Fried Worms ; and Doug Bradley of Ten Dead Men and No Angels). It is directed by Peter Engert and scheduled to be released in September next year.

Aside from The House of Terror, Corbin will also appear in the romantic drama called The Hill. Corbin essays the role of Uncle Dennis in a tale about a close-knit bunch of college friends, who graduated from NYU the same year as the September 11 terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center .

Seven years after the tragedy, the gang reunites for a weekend wedding in Athens , Georgia . The gathering offers each of them comfort, solace, closure, love and forgiveness.

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