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Please read my other articles which many have tips on how you can to improve your thinking which in turn will improve your life. I write and read on HubPagees and one of my hubber friends suggested I check out Dr Bill! I am so glad I did! Most of all thank you Dr Bill! That is a real honor that you would put my quote above your desk. Change in thinking is possible. Hope you read more of my HUB articles on thought. I’m posting that statement above my desk! Paradigma shifts in our thinking are very powerful. Negative thoughts are generally triggered unconsciously in course of our daily lives in the form of root beliefs and programming. Rooted beliefs and programming disempower you and run in the background of your mind. The great thing is it is possible to shift these so that the negative thoughts no longer affect you any longer. I like how this is written – in a way that makes it easy to do!

I’m due for a maintenance examen on cognitions that have “slipped in” undetected in the past few years. I think after I do my my own, I may use it for a group. The book/DVD looks interesting too. Thanks for sharing Dr. Bill. There are many different methods and this is just one of them. I tested and used this method with survivors of repetitive abuse and traumatic life events for over 14 years with great success. Thank you taking the time to read my article. Some people call this method positive self talk. I agree with the principle of talking to ourselves and building ourselves up with positivity rather than being critical of ourselves. You are correct. While you are correcting your thinking or programming, one has to put the new thinking into behavior. I call that developing an Action plan. Thank you for your comment. I am sure many people who read this will learn that a person has to “do” as well as “think” anew. This was so hard for me to do but with your help I have done but continue everyday to work on loving myself.

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