Oral Assignment

For this assignment, you’ll deliver another9-to 10-minute presentationthat covers the project you’ve been working on for the course. In particular, you’re going to focus on the community action part of the assignment, delivering an argument about how your chosen public literacy might have an effect in thecommunity. Like the last one, the speech will be extemporaneous in nature, meaning you will prepare it ahead of time, but you won’t be reading from a script. You’ll be allowed

Anindex card to use as notes to help during your speech. On the day of the speech, you’ll also need to bring a working presentation outline that includes citations for all sources used during your speech.You’ll be required to use at least one presentation aid for this speech. This might be a slideshow, poster, video clip, audio clip, example object, or other material

that adds to the verbal presentation of your assignment. You may use more than one, but they should add to your presentationinstead of detracting or distracting from it.

If you need to use the classroom technology to project your presentation aid or playaudio, make sure you have it prepared on a flash drive or your laptop is able to hook up to the classroom equipment.

Please note: This presentation aid needs to be a different one from the previous speech. No reusing things—that’s just lazy.)

In the introductionto your speech, you should get the audience’s attention in an interesting way, orient the audience with a discussion of the issue at hand,and preview how you will be defending your stance. You should have 2-3 main pointssupport for your position on the issueand a clear organization pattern that helps the audience to understand and stay interested. The discussion of your main points should be colorful, compelling, vivid, useful and adapted to your (educated, professional) audience. The conclusion should summarize your main points and provide an interesting and clear concluding statement. The time limit of 10minuteswill be enforcedin order to make sure everyone is able to present. You will need to adapt to time constraints without stalling, needless repetition, and speed talking. Practicing is highly recommended.


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