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Holds universality. Universality is just a fancy way to say that the topic can captivate the interest of a majority of the audience. You should never select a topic to humor audiences, but try to chose a subject that others can find interesting. Holding an audience captive and raising their curiosity in an issue are goals any Oratorical speaker should work towards. Can be researched. Original Oratory is the Forensics world’s version of the research paper. It is difficult to cite anything when sources are near non-existence. This can either come from the selected topic not having much resources written on the topic OR because the information is not accessible. Either way, this leaves you in a a limited position of what you can learn and cite regarding the issue. Be concise. Select a topic that can be turned into a concise thesis. It is hard to write a paper when the thesis is so broad that it seems as if the topic changes mid-research. Be narrow. The larger a thesis/topic is, the easier it is for the paper to enter inflation as you try to touch upon every idea or tangent you can find.

Find the main idea of a subject and write about that. Love it. If you do not love your topic then that will be reflected in your Original Oratory. Your analysis will be rushed, your delivery flat, and your research thin. Love what you do. That too reflects into your performance. These are just a few of the basic queries to ponder as you decide upon an Original Oratory topic. In the end, the decision is yours. Do what feels best for you and your piece and prosperity should ensue. Choosing a topic for Original Oratory is often a challenge. Many competitors write about subjects that they think will get under their audience’s skin. But the most important element of O.O. If you give a persuasive oratory focused on a cause, its main purpose is to persuade the audience to side with a particular opinion or become interested in supporting a particular cause, and having a personal connection with your O.O.

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