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As an equal opportunity employer, we hire writers from all parts of the world. This, however, does not happen just like that. We ensure that all writers go through a rigorous recruitment process. Through this process, we are able to know who deserves to be hired and who does not. During recruitment, there are a number of factors or qualities that we are usually interested in.

One of these factors is academic credentials. We require all those applying for positions of writers in our paper writing service to have at least a master’s degree. Those without these credentials are assumed to be unfit for handling “write my essay” requests from our customers. We value our customers a lot and we know that the only way we can retain them is by hiring qualified writers. To us, a master’s degree is a must.

The second qualification that we look for is the ability to follow instructions accurately. We know that there are many writers out there who have great academic credentials, but who cannot follow simple instructions. We understand that what matters most in the essay writing service is the ability to follow instructions. Our recruitment procedures are strategically prepared to weed out those who cannot follow instructions.

The third factor that our custom essay writing service looks out for is the ability to use a wide assortment of writing styles. We have been in the paper writing service for a long time to understand that “write my essay” requests may involve varied writing styles. We do not like disappointing writers by telling them that their preferred styles cannot be offered from our company. Those are our writers. People who have excellent academic credentials: writers who can follow instructions and persons who can reference your paper using any citation style.

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