Almost anything can be outsourced these days. Your IT, your Sales and especially your Administration can all be done by professional individuals or   freelancing  companies. These are the fundamentals of any business. However, even any procurement needs, marketing, consulting or anything else you can think of can be outsourced as well.

The amount of money you can save is unbelievable when you add it all up. Even if you go with a company or individual that charges higher rates than others, the savings are still incredible. All it takes from you is a small amount of research to find the right  freelance  provider for you. When you compare the options of hiring full time-staff verses outsourcing your needs, it really makes it easier to see the benefits.

Let’s have a look at what these may be…


  • No costly monthly salaries, only pay for hours worked or results produced!
  • No Holiday or sickness pay. If your  freelance  provider or company does not work, they do not charge you.
  • If you go with a company who has many freelancers on their books, you will always be covered when you really need it.
  • No worries about your provider being late due to traffic or car problems.
  • A  freelancing  company usually quality check all work for you before returning it or submitting it as complete.
  • Freelancers work harder because they rely on your satisfaction and payment to make a living.
  • It helps you reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of staff you need to commute into your place of business every day.
  • It also helps you cut down on paperwork and stationary costs as well
  • Providers are well disciplined and work very well off their own initiative, so no need to pay for extra employees to monitor or manage them.

Full-Time Staff or Employees

  • You have to pay them full salaries every month regardless of how many results they produce or how many productive hours they work.
  • You have to pay them for holiday or sickness time off.
  • They can often turn in late due to traffic or car problems.
  • They get paid while they take lunch hours.
  • They can become lazy and unproductive due to the guaranteed salary every month
  • You need office space for them to work from thus increasing any rent or payments on office buildings.
  • Bonuses or incentives can be costly to keep staff motivated.
  • They need to be monitored or managed.

These are just a handful of comparison notes, there are many more and I urge you to take a moment to give it some thought. You don’t need to be concerned about risks with hiring someone to work remotely. There basically are very little to none. At worst, your provider could let you down, but then you simply do not pay them and find another one.

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