Police Function Paper

Background As noted in your text, community policing represents a specific philosophy and practice in law enforcement. It requires police officers to alter the traditional approach to crime fighting as well as actions geared toward solving community problems or issues. Community policing is based on the idea that community support and interaction can prevent crime […]


Write a 350 word response that includes using the Heterosexism fact sheet (located in Doc sharing) and the film Southern Comfort. Be sure to discuss the following in your paper:   1-How attitudes have evolved on sexual preference over time. 2-Explain how your attitude has changed and/or remained the same as a result of watching […]

Operational Excellence

he general structure and scope of operations involves the structural, functional, and environmental aspects that affects an organization’s decisions in achieving optimum results with the integration of its objectives and constrains.Operations management is generally concerned with the planning, organizing and supervising of an organization’s daily activities in the context of production, manufacturing and the provision […]