Parental Participation – A Step towards Progressive Education

A child’s life revolves only around two aspects, his school and his home, thus his life rotates around his teachers and his parents. Like school is the second home for the child, home is also a second school for the child; he learns the most basic things of his life at home while parents are the best teachers in his life as they understand him like no teacher on the earth could understand. However the busy lifestyle and running with the time schedules of the parents hinder the involvement with their children.

It has actually proven through research that those parents actually involving in the child’s education play a major role in the success ventures of the students than those of the students whose parents are not much involved in their child’s education. These are some steps that can aid your effective participation in your child’s life.

Getting Involved: The best and the most initial step is getting involved. Always make a note of what your child does in the school. How much is he interested in studies; which are his favorite subjects and which are the subjects he hates the most, also try to find the reason behind it. Have a deep involvement with your child’s school; this will help you understand how your child behaves socially and academically. Have a positive approach towards your child’s teachers and councilors, feel free to share his problem with them and understand his problem from them too. It is important to feed into child’s mind how beneficial the education is, this will make your child more responsible towards education and thus understands the importance of education, punctuality and discipline. Attending parent-teachers conference and open houses is also of prime importance as this is the period when you can gauge the strengths and weakness of your child. If you have a healthy relation with the child’s teacher it becomes even more beneficial for child’s growth.

Encouraging the kids: Children expects encouragement and praises in whatever they do, this is the best form of motivation for them. For instance: – when your child recites a poem or writes an essay for the first time, he comes up to you to show it so that you can read/listen it and praise him, this encourages him to write more essays or recite more poems. This also builds in him the confidence to recite his poem in front of the class or write more essays for college magazine. Children have a habit to imitate the elders, this habit of your children helps them to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their intellect. If you have books, magazines or newspapers at home and read them regularly, your children may imitate you and try to read it too, this will inculcate the habit of reading in them. Once the reading habit is established in them you can take them to the libraries or reading halls to develop it, to develop it even more discuss the stuff your child is reading. This will help him understand deeply what is he is reading exactly, you can also try reading with your child, either on holidays or weekends. You can also ask your child to make notes of whatever he is reading, this will inculcate the habit of writing in him. You can also ask your kids to write the letters to their grandparents, this will help you understand their command over the language, and you can also ask them to write diaries (the daily account of what they did the day long).

Atmosphere at home: In order to ensure your child’s success it is important for your child to be healthy physically as well as mentally. You need to take care of his complete rest. If he acquires completes rest at home he will be active in the school. Send your child full stomached to the school, this really helps in concentration. Teach some concentrations exercises and meditation to your kids in order to raise their concentration power. While the child is doing homework make sure there are no distractions around. Praising and encouraging the child is the best option to keep him attracted towards studies. Praise him at the completion of his assignments and celebrate his every smaller achievement, this will encourage him to set goals for bigger assignments. You may also keep a track of his daily activities and studies in school, this will aid him in solving his academic problems and building a good rapport with you just like one of his good friend. Some parents minimize child’s entertainment time (television, computer, video game or playing time) however I don’t think it as a convenient option, children must have their entertainment time; instead you can try edutainment for your kids. Educational games and programs enable your child to inculcate appropriate education in him while he thinks he has been playing.

Quality time with kids: It is important to spend quality time with our kids. You can have a healthy chat with your kid while you are in the car or while having dinner, you can ask him about his experience in the school or share you experience of the day with him; this will enable a strong bond with amongst you. Try to involve in activities which can be done by family as a whole. Cooking together or going for a picnic every weekend. This process enables a great bond amongst the family members and the child. Such moments are best to teach certain things like manners and good habits to the child.

Collaborating with the school: Parents must always manage to collaborate with the child’s school as this enables to keep a track of child’s behavior and progress in the school. You should attend all the PTA (Parents Teachers Association) meetings, open houses, school programs, develop a contact with your child’s class teacher, take part in the school activities and events, encourage the child to be part of the extracurricular activities and read all the newsletters and magazine from your child’s school. This will help you understand academic as well as social behavior of your child.

Teen Problem: Teen years are the most delicate years of a person’s life, this is the era when child feels independent and eligible to take his decisions, however he is still under the shelter of his parents. This is the era when child does not like anybody else taking decisions for him or ruling him.  Thus it is important for parents to have an open communication with the child with the dominating element absent. Rules must be set in this age in order to avoid disaster however if the communication amongst the parents and children is friendly, children follow the rules or else they tend to break the rules. This is the period when parents should inculcate ambition and career goals in your child’s life, this will automatically make him responsible towards education.

Benefits of Parents’ participation: Parents attention is the best attention for the kids. A child with better attention always differs from those with lesser parental attention. A child with better attention is well behaved an well mannered, has better school attendance, acquires good grades and test scores, never lacks in homework, ambitious, competitive, etc. Thus showing interest in your child’s education sets high expectations for achievement and lets your child know you believe in his or her abilities sets a positive context for growth and achievement.


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