pathogenic bacterium



Infection denotes the invasion of microorganism in the host, thus leading to multiplication with the host tissues in close association with the microorganism. Pathogenesis is a process denoting the mechanism in which the disease develops and the mechanism in which it is infected. The existence of bacteria has been there, and some of them have been branded beneficial and harmless. However, not all bacteria are harmless as there as those known to cause bacterial infections. Pathogenic bacteria are said to lead to bacterial infections. Resistance to any bacterial infection is determined by an intact immune system and a phagocytic cell. Because specific immunity is said to develop over time, initial resistance is said to occur as a result of non-specific mechanism. Young children, older adults, and immunosuppressed patients have a higher susceptibility to various infections. Bacteria are said to lead to different infections varying in severity from inapparent to fulminating.

Infectivity of bacteria is resultant from the disturbance of the balance between host resistance and bacterial virulence. Bacteria’s main interest in the body is to multiply rather than causing a disease. Bacterial infection is protected by the chemical and physical attributes in the host. There are various bacteria that are harmful to the body including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which leads to the spread of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a disease that has and is still claiming about two million lives mainly in the sub-Saharan Africa. Pathogenic bacteria mainly contribute to several globally important diseases like pneumonia, which can either be caused by the pseudomonas and streptococcus bacteria, and food-borne illnesses, which are caused by bacteria like salmonella, campylobacter, and shiqella. Pathogenic bacteria also are said to lead to infections like typhoid fever, syphilis, tetanus, diphtheria, and leprosy.

There are various types of pathogenic bacteria including intracellular bacteria that cause diseases after entering the human body, while conditional bacteria are known for causing diseases and infections in various circumstances. Since bacteria take advantage of an open wound to duplicate and spread diseases, this makes various pathogenic bacteria be conditional. Opportunistic bacteria are said to cause diseases if the host’s immune system is compromised. The spread of a pathogenic bacterium in the human population is through various ways including water, soil, and air, or even through physical contact. There are various bacteria which are adept such that the colonize location like medical equipments and door knobs, thus enhancing their free and easy movement from one individual to the other. There are those that are less virulent and could die off if they stay long enough away from the host. Antibiotics and drugs are used in the treatment of pathogenic bacterium infections so as to kill these bacteria. There are, however, those bacteria that have shown resistance to these drugs and constant research is imminent to reduce bacterial mutation.


There are various factors leading to the relationship ensuing between the host and the bacteria. The host has to live in an environment with diverse microorganism population. The host’s environment is an aspect that makes it possible for medical researchers to understand the host’s natural immune mechanism with a motive of improvement in the resistance to bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria have proved to be quite harmful if exposed to the body of the host. Care is needed by individuals as they handle various equipments and should also consider general cleanliness as a way of eliminating these bacteria. Extended research should ultimately be conducted as a way of identifying how these bacterium works with a motive of coming up with drugs that can completely fight off the bacteria. The various drugs and antibiotics available have made it possible for medical practitioners to curb, control, and cure various bacteria, thus slowing down the rate of passage from one individual to another

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