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The Medical industry is not restricted with fewer subjects. It is one of the widest areas which comprises of various specializations in which “Pathology” is one of them. The students who pursue this sort of medical subject get the laborious assignments, projects and sometimes case studies, because to diagnose the disease just by checking the blood sample is not so easy. It is absolutely not easy to write down such requirements easily, as somewhere it needs the professional approach, but is this subject really complex? need to study an outline.

What does Pathology mean?
In general, Pathology is a branch of medical science primarily concerning the examination of tissues, organs and body fluids in order to make a diagnosis of disease.
According to School of Medical Science – Pathology is a scientific discipline which involves the study of diseases, such as infections and cancers, at the genetic, molecular, cellular and organ levels. It is also a medical specialty that focuses on making diagnoses, but contrary to popular belief, it is not all about blood tests!

Pathology examines:
• How and why diseases develop;
• The disease process – what happens to our bodies when we are ill; and
• The effects of diseases, including their symptoms and complications.
In this domain, research has been the mainspring, because the understanding of disease impels the development of the best measures for prevention and treatment. It has been estimated that approx. 70%, pathology plays a critical role in diagnosing the medical issues. For example – the diagnostic skills of pathologists let the patients know that they are pregnant, diabetic, anemic, at risk of heart disease or if their body part is cancerous.

Types of Pathology
Some of the commonly known branches of pathology are:
1. Anatomical Pathology – This area of pathology involves the examination of surgical specimens removed from the body or sometimes the examination of the whole body (autopsy) to diagnose disease. It is further divided into several sub specialties:
o Surgical Pathology – It involves the examination of specimens obtained during surgery such as a breast lump biopsy obtained during mastectomy.
o Histopathology – This refers to the examination of cells under a microscope after they have been stained with appropriate dyes.
o Forensic Pathology – This includes the examination of post mortem to find the actual cause of death using a process called autopsy.
o Dermatopathology – Concern with study of skin diseases
o Cytopathology – This includes the examination of cells, which shed out from the body fluids.
2. Clinical Pathology – This branch of pathology involves the laboratory analysis of body fluids (such as blood, urine or cerebra-spinal fluid) and bodily tissue for the diagnosis of disease. Some of the main sub-specialties of clinical pathology are:
o Hematopathology or hematology – It includes the investigation and diagnosis of blood diseases.
o Immunopathology or immunology – Refers to the study of immune system disorders such as immunodeficiency’s, organ-transplant rejection and allergies.
o Chemical pathology – Also known as Clinical Chemistry, involves the assessment of various components in bodily fluids such as the blood or urine, although for the main part it concerns the analysis of blood serum and plasma.
3. Molecular Pathology – Molecular pathology is a multi-disciplinary field that focuses on disease at the sub microscopic, molecular level. Aspects studied may include a mixture of anatomical pathology, clinical pathology, genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry.– Solution for all Nursing Assignment Help
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