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]. I have argued for this in the following way. ]. There were only two ways in which this challenge could be met. ]. It turned out that neither option was satisfactory. Now it is finally time to write your introduction. And, what do you know? It has pretty much written itself! Think of your introduction as a map of your essay, or perhaps as a guide. You know what your topic is; you know what your essay does (you wrote it!); so all you have to do is get your reader’s interest. But that is easy! All you need to do is say that you are going to argue for a certain position and the job is done, whalaa! I will argue for this in the following way. Remember, this is not a pro forma (something to simply copy). It is an example of what you might write. The format isn’t even essential, but it is good when you are starting out. All you need remember is the three points: introduce topic, get reader’s attention and give a map of your essay, and you will be well on your way. There are many other pointers that will help you in writing your essay. One of the most important ones is read it for any errors. And then read it again. And then once more, a day later, to ensure there weren’t any errors you missed. Other things that can help you is to brush up on your skills: referencing, grammar, spelling, practice exercises, and more. I suggest you do a search on hubpages, look at some books on essay writing, have a general search on the internet, and have a look at my other hubs on philosophy. Any comments are welcome.

Finding the time to write a novel is one of the major issues confronting writers, particularly those who havent been published yet. They make the time. To make time, one would have to sit down and plan it. If this is not done, then writing will become a haphazard event, dictated by a whim, or a passing urge, rather than a scheduled time. This often results in the book never really being finished. You do want to finish that book, dont you? Below, I have my own suggestions as to how to make time. Think about your daily schedule, just like when you do a budget, only instead of money, youll be budgeting time. Then get a nice large desktop calendar, the ones that cost about two dollars. Begin filling in the mandatory slots for the week. Do you have a work schedule, or a doctors appointment, a meeting to go to, etc.? Then write these times down. Now look at the times that you are free.

Please dont say there isnt any time left! There will probably be some time available somewhere. Maybe itll be at lunchtime, if you are working, or after dinner, or even during the day if youre a stay-at home parent (when junior is napping). If you are a new writer, start slow. Maybe find one hour a day and reserve that for your writing. Go ahead and write the date in the calendar. You just made an appointment with yourself. Now do it for every day of the week. You decide if you want to work the weekend or not. If you are a more seasoned writer, you will probably need more time. I find that I need a minimum of three hours a day to write. Sometimes I may also use this time doing research for my book. Once you make that appointment with yourself, thats the easy part. Next, you have to keep that appointment. There are so many instances when something else interferes with your designated time.

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