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Your words always give me hope. Thank you, my brilliant friend. I like what you say about change. I’ve always had issues with change. But when I’m in the middle of lots of changes I say to myself what the heck and and go for things with both feet in. I’ve wanted to see that movie with the mountain climber. I think it’s important for people to see those types of stories because it forces us to ask ourselves what we would do in a similar situation. Well a few compliments from you is nice, but honestly you deserve a ton- I know a little of your story and you’ve been through a lot. You have been held down and feel that way again. Sometimes if you reach for the moon, you get the stars. This always had meaning to me and for you it may apply as well- Do something you wouldn’t normally do- do something outragious or unexpected.

It may make you uncomfortable, but you’ve got to realize you are better than you think you are. You are so articulate and honest and inquisitive. These are rare traits and women tend to get beat down. We stay far too long in bad relationships and bad jobs thinking we don’t deserve better. Often times we get stuck not even wanting to try anymore- stuck in minutia as you put it. I can see what you’re saying about your feelings on desperation- it can also do that too. I think it’s just as you are saying that you get caught up in all the tiny things that are all wrong or bugging you. I get most of my info from my experiences but also from a lot of psychology classes and research. Fear plays a big part in success. And a lot of women’s fear is feeling we don’t deserve it. I know you enjoy your poetry- find something unique to do with. Like I was saying do something very different. My mom’s friend was about 50 (newly divorced) when she began enjoying poetry, but wasn’t getting really gettting anything out of it as far as recognition or money.

Suddenly she thought she would publish books that were a compilation of others’ poetry and a few of her own. People would send in their poetry to her just to get published on various topics- sort of like a Chicken Noodle soup for the soul. Her ideas were what got her into a new area of her life. One book she publised was Get Well Wishes- poetry for people who are ill. I’m not saying be like someone else- you’ve got to do your thing and make it fantastic. Personally I found a book that helped me- ironically I started reading it before I lost my job so I was better prepared when i did lose my job I didn’t think it was the end of the world. Telane Miedaner. It’s a step by step guide. I still go there sometimes. SEE (love the pic) you here. You might be interested in something I’m writing this weekend. I’ll have the hub posted soon.

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