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In teaching in the homebound program helped me adjust to some of my teaching style. In this experience I learned to individualize for student learning. I’ve had the opportunity to teach students with special needs and that all students have different levels of cognitive and motor skills and modified instruction with accommodations needed for student learning. I saw as a teacher I had to decide to altar my plans with individual students to help and enrich learning in daily activities. What I would do differently is to try to have a better system of a two way communication to follow up on students who are not succeeding. I would seek out more information by collaborating with my colleagues, students family, and community. When working with students, an instant positive feedback from me would be most encouraging for these students who need that type of assurance and incentive. When you look at your completed set of Description and Analysis and documentation, what does it suggest about your work as a learner, within the profession, and with students families and community in support of student learning?

Overall, as a learner, I feel that I am growing along with my students, family and community. I feel that we are all learning together. I was facilitating student learning in always seeking new ways to motivate the students and making learning fun. This can be a difficult task as I learn to encourage students even if for a moment they temporarily fail. As a professional, I am always seeking new ways and ideas to become an outstanding teacher. I find myself adapting to new strategies and increasing my organizational structure that will best enhance student learning. With constant communication between myself, parents, students, community, colleagues and with the support from the administration would be most beneficial to student learning. I have grown from these experiences to improve on my teaching skills, find solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. Use creativity to adapt to situations that may or might occur and use problem-solving skills to achieve in student learning. My accomplishments might seem a few but it helped in large doses to remedy my needs to learn more as a teacher and a person. All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on the Accomplishment topics are plagiarized and cannot be completely used in your school, college or university education. We work with experienced PhD and Master’s freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject! We guarantee each customer great quality and no plagiarism!

This gives the reader insight into the author’s mind and some insight into the author’s purpose for writing the story. As you continue to analyze the literary work, study the relationships the antagonist has with the main character and then with other secondary characters. Examine the author’s choice of dialogue. Underline the specific words the author uses with each character. Study the sentence structure of the dialogue to determine if words represent sarcasm, criticism, or cynicism. In addition, evaluate the author’s position of the antagonist within the story and how this relates to the position of the protagonist. Step 5: Highlight repetitions. It is human nature for us to repeat ourselves. We always like to make sure that the other person has heard us. We want people to understand us and to believe in what we say. We repeat phrases, tones, examples, and specific statements. Therefore, as you read your text, highlight those areas within the work where there are repetitions in phrases, statements, words, and examples. Does the author use a certain word more than once?

If so, study each word within their respective contexts. Each word means something differently in a different context. Step 6: Classify dialogue. Conversations between characters often reveal secrets, opinions, and information about other characters, so what each character says within a story means something. Study the dialogue to understand the author’s use of language. Note characters who speak English grammatically. These are characters that care about how they use the language. Note also those characters who speak conversationally. Most of their speech represents everyday, informal talk. These are also characters that care about how they use the language. Analyze each character’s views in the story and how each uses language to convey their beliefs. Step 7: Outline the plot. Each step in life is important. It was important to learn how to walk. This was our first step. Then we learned our ABCs. This was the second step. After this we learned how to get along with other kids at school. We followed this up with standing up for ourselves on the playground, learning how to drive, and finally getting married and having kids of our own.

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