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I rarely use slides, as they are too static. They also take far too long to develop for a one-use lecture. Although I may teach the same general topic in a course each year, I try different approaches to the material, so I wouldn’t be able to re-use many slides. I’m a student. I’ve had a handful of teachers and professors that were truly frenetic pacers. It seemed like they were doing laps, speedwalking back and forth across the whole length of the front of the classroom. I don’t mind sedate pacing, but it shouldn’t be too fast or too far ranging. As long as I’m not having to whip my head back and forth like I’m at a tennis match, I can deal with it. I used to just stay near the lectern since I have to press the enter key to change slides. After a couple of advices from peer reviewers that I have to move around more, I bought a remote/laser combination. Now, I move a bit from near the lectern to the center of the of the podium to just below the screen.

I find that moving a bit (not really pacing) actually calms me down a bit as well. I do have another question and hope someone can answer me. Anyone with suggestions on what kind of laser pointer to use? I’ve tried 3 different ones and none will show up on the screen bec the backlit is so bright and there’s no way I can change that. I used to just use the cursor but now that I’m using a remote, I’m not at the lectern so much. I’ve resorted to pointing with my finger while I’m standing below the huge screen. I’m very tempted to get a pointer but it will have to be a very long one (even a collapsible one will have to be a special one, I think) as the screen is huge and several feet above me. Don’t use one. Arrange your slides so that the point you are making is obvious without point to a tiny place on the screen.

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