Personal Saunas – Sweating it Out at Home


Healthy living has become the standard lifestyle these days. More and more people are now seen either around gyms to work out or hitting the road for a good half hour of running. Other than exercise and diet, rest is also an important ingredient to good health and fitness. Health clubs have become a sunshine industry offering not only exercise facilities but spa treatments as well which includes the age-old tradition of sauna.

Saunas have been around for years because of various benefits to our health. It improves circulation of blood, induces sweating to rid the body of toxins and it also relieves the body of aches, pains and stress.

What started off as merely a social event wherein people relax in a common place as a group, it has evolved now that personal saunas are out in the marketplace. Personal saunas are portable units that can accommodate 1 to 2 persons at a time. These are easy to assemble using regular tools in the house. You can enjoy your own personal sauna wherever you are as these are lightweight and can be installed anywhere. Just like your home furniture, a personal sauna is movable too.

Personal saunas may look alike but these employ two different types of heating technology. The traditional sauna uses steam and the more modern type uses infrared for heating.

Steam saunas employ electric, propane, gas-fired or wood-fired heaters. This type of sauna would need preheating to around 150 degrees F. You may opt for either a wet or dry. By pouring water on the hot rocks installed in your sauna, a wet sauna is created by the steam. Without using water and by setting your sauna at a lower temperature, you can create a dry sauna.

A variation of this steam personal sauna is more commonly known as the traveler’s sauna or sauna-in-a-bag. Home TV shopping channels feature this type of model and you may have caught yourself watching it on TV, wondering if it really works. The smallest variation would probably be the sauna suit, a silver space-like suit that you can wear while sleeping, resting, reading a book or even while doing household chores.

An infrared sauna works like a microwave oven. The ambient air is not heated as infrared rays are absorbed directly by your body. The far infrared personal sauna has a ceramic heater that emits rays without heating its surroundings. While it takes about half an hour to preheat a traditional steam sauna, it only takes about a third of the time to warm up an infrared personal sauna. As a result, an infrared sauna needs less energy to work. If you are looking for energy efficiency, then this is probably your best option. The more common infrared sauna looks like a cabinet that can fit in 1 to 2 persons.

The dome personal sauna is probably the most popular in the market today for several reasons. Its price range is attractive enough as it is affordable. Just like a traditional steam and infrared sauna cabinet, it is easy to set up by simply plugging into a regular 120-volt or 240-volt power outlet. Since it heated by far infrared (FIR) emitters, it is energy efficient. It can be set up just about anywhere. The size of a dome personal sauna is compact, no bigger than a one-man tent. Users love this type of personal sauna for its affordability, size and satisfactory overall experience.


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