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Caustic Soda (lye) which is used in cleaning drains and the making of soap is extra-corrosive and will eat into your flesh should it come in contact with your skin. Moss killer which is used in garden patios is corrosive again. Luckily enough, there are hazard symbols on any products which are classified as harmful. This hub aims to explain all the different hazard symbols and what they mean. This is marked with a black X on an orange background. A lot of products have this such as many weak acids or alkalis. If you get it on your skin, it will cause it to go red and blister. If you are using a product which is irritant, always wear eye goggles and gloves. Wash any spills on your skin. The word corrosive derives from the Latin verb corrodere meaning ‘to gnaw’ Concentrated solutions of strong bases such as caustic soda are very corrosive.

If this comes in contact with your skin, it will burn and eat away into your flesh. Corrosive substances are very dangerous and be extra careful when handling them! Always wear eye protection, a face shield and gloves. If corrosive substances come in contact with your eyes, it can cause permanent blindness. A drop of a corrosive on the eye may cause blindness within 2-10 seconds! They can come in any state of matter: solid, liquid or gas. A low concentration of corrosive substances are often referred to as ‘irritant’. These are substances that burn very vigorously when ignited at a relatively low temperature. Always handle with care near fire, heat or any other form of shock as they can ignite almost instantly, so do this to prevent any accidental fire. Lead oxide is considered to be a toxic substance. Any ingestion or inhalation of a toxic substance can cause difficulties with respiratory and other systems, leading to death. You must take utmost care when handling these substances.

Always wear a face shield, eye protection and gloves. These substances do not burn themselves but produce oxygen for highly flammable substances to burn. If you are using an oxidising substance, it could cause your clothing to go on fire so wear eye protection and wear an anti-flammable lab coat. This sign means ‘high voltage’ and is a very good warning sign, too! The term high voltage means electricity at such a high voltage that if any living thing goes near it, it will cause harm or even death. If you see a sign like this at an industrial site, do not go anywhere near that area as the electricity is so high, it will kill or severely harm you. This sign would be most likely used in industrial and scientific areas as certain equipment requires high voltage to function. You may also find this sign at electrical power distribution centres. Biohazards, also known as biological hazards are microorganisms or biological substances that pose a threat to the health of a living organism. These hazards can include toxins, viruses, dangerous bacteria and contagious microorganisms.

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