Personal Trainer Marketing With Online Video


Information is king and those who have it and can deliver it most efficiently to the largest numbers will always be on the cutting edge.

And there’s no  better  way to deliver information to the masses then by video, specifically video.

The fitness industry is a prime example. As a fitness expert you are always seeking out new information to  better  educate and inform your clients, right?

The Internet keeps you on the cutting edge. With just a few key strokes you have access to the latest studies, the newest  personal  trainer marketing techniques, and the  best  continuing education available today.

Your clients (and future clients) want the same. They want information that is quick, easy to digest, and to the point. YOU are their information provider – at least as it relates to their fitness goals.

And now with services like YouTube and other online video sharing services you can easily information to your clients no matter where they are.

Here are five ways you can stay on the cutting edge and be the king of fitness information in your area.

1. Offer 30 minute sessions. 60 minute sessions are history. Today, time is money and your clients understand that. If you can provide 60 minute results in 30 minute sessions – that’s value that busy clients are willing to pay for.

2. Use technology. How do you train clients who are always on the go or want a budget friendly alternative to one-on-one training? Technology such as online training can give you greater reach and additional profits. And best of all it can all be delivered from your computer.

3. The Internet is the big daddy of information. In fact, almost one third of the residents in your community search the Internet for solutions – including all things related to health, fitness, and wellness.

A content rich website, online videos and a few informative articles on targeted sites can bring you an unexpected rush of new clients.

4. Give your clients information and they’ll give you front of mind awareness. There is nothing more effective at positioning you as the top fitness expert than a cool video that entertains and educates. Your clients, prospects, and their friends want information at their fingertips. A content rich newsletter is the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to position yourself as the local expert and to grow your personal training profits.

So whether you do boot camp training, one-on-one training, or online training make sure to take advantage of all the personal trainer marketing resources the internet offers.


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