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Pharmacology is a branch of medicine that concentrates primarily on the study of the action of a drug. Scientifically, pharmacology studies the interaction between living organisms and chemicals. If a substance contains any kind of medicinal properties in its composition, it is termed as pharmaceutical substance.
As a biomedical science subject, pharmacology deals with the research, discovery and characterization of chemicals.
Some of the key concerns of the field of pharmacology are
• Drug composition and their properties
• Drug synthesis and design
• Medical application etc.

Pharmacology is further classified into sub-divisions like clinical pharmacology, neuropharmacology, psychopharmacology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, posology, theoretical pharmacology, behavioral pharmacology and environmental pharmacology.
Changing Times- Growing Demands
Pharmacology today is no longer limited to the study of just plant extracts. It has evolved Biomedical scientists are always on the job of studying the effects of drugs on organisms and development of newer medicines that can treat earlier non-curable diseases.
With changing times, pharmacology has become an alluring subject. Career opportunity in this area is growing considerably, and students these days are flocked towards it as bees to a flower. The increasing demand is not making the lives of students any easier.
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