Plumbing Training Courses – Time to Start?


What is the first thing you do when your pipes are clogged and you have water backed up into your home? You call a plumber at once, hopefully before the problem becomes much more serious. Plumbers are specially trained to install, maintain and repair many different types of pipes and to deal with the unique problems presented by clogs in pipes and piping systems, in both residential and commercial buildings. Who want to spend their days clearing clogged commodes? Well, according to the “U.S. Department of Labor” as the demand for trained plumbers climbs steadily so has the number of students in plumbing training courses. Plumbers are in great demand and earn a very good income these days.

If you have already made the decision to become a plumber and you are interested in a very well paying career then you have made the correct choice. Plumbing courses are becoming more and more popular and there are numerous national as well as international organizations, bodies and technical schools and even community colleges offering very good plumbing training courses.

The first thing you have to consider is your health status. As you know most plumbing jobs require lifting, climbing and many times working in extreme down and high places. If you don’t have average strength, dexterity or you have a problem with being in high places this might not be a good career choice for you. Next you have to consider how much you like math and science. Both of these items are necessary for any plumber to have to be successful in this career. Most technical schools will test your aptitude in measurement and calculation before allowing you to begin training and you must pass this test to begin. Once enrolled you will start training in both the practical and theoretical aspects of plumbing and some intensive courses that will expand your knowledge. This training takes about 6 weeks. You will also receive hands on instruction under a professional plumber. Becoming a professional plumber means you will have to undergo a great deal of training and study many subjects to become expert in your chosen profession. You will know everything about the pipes that you are working with; things like material, quality and dimensions.

Plumbing courses are not cheap. They can cost anywhere for $3,000 to $6,000, however when you consider how much you will be making as a qualified plumber this cost isn’t high. Plumbers need to be highly skilled in their work as even a small leak can cause major damage and even pose health hazards. Plumbing training courses start out with the basic activities like setting up, upholding and repairing of pipes. It also includes other specialized tasks such as repairing and cleaning drains and the systems that supply water to the different parts of a building and even rooms. Upon completing the basic courses you will learn how to solder connection and set up joints as well as how to use saws, cutters, pipe benders and adhesive for bending pipes. On completion you will receive a certificate of completion and receive an assessment of the skills you have learned. After this assessment you will receive you plumbing diploma.

Anyone who seriously wants to become a professional and certified plumber should take the exam and get a valid license to practice. Most companies require their plumbers to have a license. Many schools offer placement services or you can simply gain employment at a construction company. Many plumbers chose to work for themselves and make a very lucrative income doing so.


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