Popular Fuel Sources for Indoor and Outdoor Heaters – Know Them Before You Make Your Decision

When selecting a heater, there are many different fuel sources to select from. Below is a short discussion about four of the most popular types.

Propane is a fossil fuel. It is found mixed with natural   gas  and petroleum deposits in rocks deep underground. Propane is odorless and is easily stored as a liquid in pressurized tanks. It is used in mostly by homes in rural areas. There are a lot of different appliances that use propane. Some of these are heaters, furnaces, water heaters and clothes dryers. Propane is also used as a transportation fuel and has been for a while. It does not cause the premature wearing of pistons, rings, valves and spark plugs. Engines stay clean and free of carbon and sludge which means less maintenance and possibly an extended engine life.

Kerosene is defined as oil that belongs to a group of hydrocarbons obtained from crude petroleum. It is also defined as the oil distilled from petroleum oil. Kerosene is used for lighting, heating and cooking. Kerosene is not odorless. Breathing too much of its strong odor can cause some problems for people. There are ways to deodorize kerosene. One of the ways is to use paraffin. This oil has the ability to cut the smell of kerosene making it almost odorless.

Natural  gas  is a fossil fuel that is gaseous at room temperature. The main component is methane. There are two types of natural  gas . The first type is called “natural  gas ” and the second is called biogas. Biogas is the methane produced by organic decay. This  gas  is found in swamps, landfills and manure piles. Natural  gas  is used in power generation and residential heating and cooking. On occasions, it is used to power vehicles such as buses. Although natural  gas  is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels, burning it does result in carbon emissions.

Electricity is a basic part of nature and one of the most widely used forms of energy. Electricity is used on a daily basis by almost everyone. It is used for lighting, heating, cooking and many more things. There are even cars that now run on an electric charge. Most people do not know that approximately 30% of the fossil fuels used in the United States is used in the form of electricity. About 75% of this use is coal. So, whenever someone uses electricity, they are probably using coal.

When selecting a heater for your needs, whether it is a propane heater, electric heater, kerosene heater or natural  gas  heater, there are pros and cons. Do your research and select the best one that will fit your needs and budget.

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