Submit a PowerPoint presentation that clearly describes the following.

  • Describe the leading causes of death and disease in the U.S. health care system, noting how your state’s information compares to national data
  • Identify the lifestyle, genetic, and environmental risk factors associated with one specific health problem that is prevalent in your state
  • Describe efforts to address this health problem in your state
  • Explain how this analysis informs your understanding of disease and its impact on health care delivery within your state and within the U.S. health care delivery system

An additional resource for how to create effective PowerPoint presentations is available in Course Documents in Blackboard.

Maximum 15 slides.  APA is not required, but a minimum of 4 academic and/or professional references are required.  Professional references from reputable state and federal websites, as well as professional bodies are acceptable.  Blogs, e-magazines, online encyclopedias and wikis are NEVER acceptable sources for graduate-level work.

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