1 DCF Company Valuation –
Prepare a DCF Valuation of the selected company using the eVal model and the projections developed in Week 2 (this is the financial forecast you’ve previously submitted, I attached your previous work).
Compare the intrinsic value of the company’s stock (valuation) to the current stock price.
Interpret and explain the results.

2 EVA & MVA Analysis –
Prepare an analysis of EVA and MVA for the selected company. Excel models are provided by the instructor. Explain the results.
(see attachment for example!) –
Excel Worksheet Attached named “MODEL_EXAMPLE”
Attached is an Excel Workbook that contains several worksheets. The first worksheet reviews the definitions of EVA and MVA.

The second worksheet provides an example of how to calculate EVA.

The third worksheet provides an example of how to calculate MVA.

The last worksheet includes an Excel model that can be used to calculate EVA and MVA for a firm.


Supplement: Video EVA and MVA