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When people eat lots of high caloric foods and food items that are high in sugars and salts as a daily habit, the body fat storage increases and people tend to develop symptoms of obesity. When these routine health activities are related to smoking cessation as mentioned in the case study, smoking cessation can be supported by the routine health activities of people that can be promoted in the community. When the people are given motivation to stay from negatively impacting habits such as smoking, the number of smokers will be reduced in the community. With routines such as regular exercises, healthy eating and using other non-harmful methods to spend the leisure time will help the smokers to not get involved in smoking. There are several health behaviour theories that can be used to describe the health beliefs among people in a community. The health promotion topic of smoking cessation has been selected as the topic for this part of the assignment. Health beliefs can be found among people and communities.

The theory of reasoned actions can be identified as another health model. According to the theory, people will follow some of the practices with or without their consent and actual intention for that. According to the stage of change model, it is described that health practices of people cannot be changed in an instance but with a series of actions. And it is described when a person goes through the changes of certain behaviour; beliefs related to that practice may change along with the stages of change. When the possible conflicts that could arise within the local industries and health promotion in the London Borough of Newham and also the other parts of the country are considered, several conflicts can be identified. The legislative actions such as banning smoking in public, banning the advertisements and promotions of tobacco related products and also preventing young people from buying tobacco related products are very effective methods of limiting the smoking among community.

Due to these, thousands of new smokers can be avoided and people who are already smoking can be saved from their bad habit. However, it becomes a conflict with the industries because these promotions can cause the revenue generation of the large tobacco production companies to be reduced. According to the statistics, tobacco companies pay a large amount of money as tax for the government. 8 billion pounds are paid by the cigarette and tobacco companies. The government has spent that money on health care services in the country and other development activities. Providing health care information for the public can bring many benefits that are related to reducing the risk of disease levels in the community and promote healthy living. Another benefit is that it will help to control communicable diseases. Change4Life programme will be introduced in the community for the people who are smoking and if they like to stop smoking. As mentioned in the plan, the health care campaign has been designed by getting the assistance and the help of the health care professionals as the resource persons of the campaign. Therefore the design of the campaign can be identified have the strategic approaches.

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