The following elements should be demonstrated in this assignment:


  • Timely information technology policy and strategy  issue
  • Clear information technology policy and strategy  needs and interest of targeted department
  • Logical progress and trends related to the issue
  • Clear impact of issue on workplace
  • Topically related leadership and innovation issues
  • Appropriate instruments used to collect information







 Definition of a Problem: A situation, issue, policy, or practice this is difficult and perplexing but can be improved or solved.


  • What is a current situation, policy, practice that you see as a problem?


  • How do you know the current situation, practice, or policy is not beneficial ?


  • Can it be improved, changed, eliminated? How do you know?




Extent: Who/what does the problem hurt? In what way? When? For how long? With what results?

  • Evidence that negative results are caused by this problem?


Origin: When did the problem start?

  • Evidence of its origin?


Causes: What are some of the causes of the problem?

  • Evidence that these are the causes?
  • Evidence that these are the only or even chief causes?\


Attempts at Solutions: Has anyone before tried to solve this problem here or elsewhere? When? How? With what effect?

  • Lessons learned from past attempts?
  • Lessons learned from solutions to similar problems?






  • What is your proposed solution?
  • Why did you choose it over alternative solutions?
  • If your solution is accepted, what benefits will be gained. By whom? How soon?






  • What steps need to be taken to get ready to start putting your proposed solution into effect?


  • What people need to be involved in planning the implementation of the solution?


  • What steps need to be taken to implement your solution?


  • What materials/equipment will be needed to accomplish each step?


  • What facilities (space, utilities) will be needed at each step? How will they be used? For how long?


  • What people will need to be involved at each step of the implementation? What will they need to know and do? For how long?




  • How much will it cost for the people needed? How do you arrive at the total?


  • How much will it cost for the materials/equipment? How do you arrive at the total?


  • How much will it cost for facilities? How do you arrive at the total?


  • What other direct costs will there be? How do you know?


  • What are indirect costs (time lost by personnel; health benefits; insurance for equipment; unexpected delays)?


  • What will be the total cost? How do you arrive at the total?


  • How will this proposal be funded? Direct sources? Indirect sources? Evidence for availability of the needed funds?




  • How long would it take to plan to start implementing the proposed solution?


  • How did you arrive at this answer?


  • How long will it take to have the proposed solution approved?


  • How did you arrive at this answer?





  • What method of monitoring progress will you use?


  • What method of evaluation of success/failure will you use?





  • What are the reasons in favor of implementation (summarized)?


  • What is the group’s recommendation?




  • Most helpful choices?


  • Correct label, title, and arrangement?



  • Introduced and interpreted in text?

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