Proposal Essay Topics

No matter what discipline you choose, at some point during your degree course you will be set the task of a research or term paper or dissertation. Invariably, tutors require a proposal essay to be produced as a prelude to the longer assignment.

Proposal essay topics are presented to professors and tutors to convince them of your idea and that you will be able to produce an effective research paper. Although your proposal essay carries no grade, as the precursor to one of the most important academic pieces of work you will ever undertake, it has big significance.

Proposal essay topics need to be suitable to your course, be a relevant field of study and contain sufficient information for the tutor to assess that there is sufficient evidence that the proposal will make for a good research study.

The best research papers come from students who have chosen an area of study that genuinely interests them, that focuses on a specific problem rather than a wide-ranging area that may generate too many questions and even more answers, and that the student has a degree of passion about. Choose a topic that you can support with your beliefs and where there are plenty of options and avenues for discussion. The resolution of a problem, a new theory to address an issue or a new argument against a long standing accepted custom, all make for good choices. You are looking to add something new – not regurgitate existing stuff.

Here are some example proposal essay topics:

  1. The government should provide better incentives to assist new entrepreneurs get started
  2. The social divides in inner cities should be addressed
  3. Glacial melting is a major factor of climate change
  4. Is there a link between attention disorders and computer gaming
  5. Australian teenagers are obsessed with social networking
  6. The potential of biofuels
  7. Can stem cell research replace animal testing
  8. The original meaning of Christmas no longer matters
  9. World Conferences on Climate Change are ineffectual
  10. The differing policies regarding the banning of athletes who use drugs
  11. Adoption Laws do not benefit children waiting to be adopted
  12. Australia should claim sovereignty over Antarctica
  13. Internet Censorship
  14. Remarriage with children: The challenge of extended families
  15. Homelessness is a problem ignored
  16. The United Nations is impotent in arenas of armed conflict
  17. Technology makes life harder not easier
  18. There is no benefit to Australia being a member of the British Commonwealth
  19. Recycling should be mandatory
  20. The pointlessness of weather forecasts
  21. Australia has never been invaded and therefore has no need of a defense force
  22. China is the greatest power in the world today
  23. 3D printing what next
  24. Australian crime a cause for concern?
  25. The essential characteristics of a good parent
  26. Celebrity is the new religion
  27. Where have all the great speech makers gone?
  28. The impact of divorce on children
  29. Sydney is the true capital of Australia
  30. College is a journey of self-discovery
  31. Too much money is spent on national defence
  32. There are too few women in positions of power in politics
  33. Baz Luhrmann visionary or slightly disturbing?
  34. Designer babies right or wrong?
  35. Love does buy happiness if happiness = possessions
  36. Stress is merely a sign of a weak character
  37. The Great Barrier Reef is Australias most treasured possession
  38. We are alone in the Universe: Discuss
  39. Australian actors do better in Hollywood than at home
  40. Ned Kelly has been over-glamorised
  41. The methods of tackling illegal immigration
  42. Fashion is timeless
  43. The oppression of indigenous culture will not be rewarded in the long term
  44. Life without music. Not worth thinking about?
  45. The super-rich should pay more in taxes
  46. The art of government lobbying
  47. The 1980s was the best decade for music
  48. Australians are not as concerned with global climate change as they should be
  49. Self help books are cheaper and better than paying for therapy sessions
  50. Massage is over-rated

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