1. Organization Profile:

Lifeline Vapor e-liquid is a web-based company that manufactures and sells flavored e-cigarette liquid to online customers worldwide and wholesales to brick and mortar vapor stores throughout mid-west Ohio. They have 2 employee’s currently and 500 square feet of manufacturing space. They are planning to expand their operations into a larger, 1200 square foot facility. Lifeline Vapor e-liquid handles approximately 250 online orders per month, and 10 wholesale orders per month, accounting for approximately 2500 bottles of e-liquid per month, or close to 20 gallons a month. With outside plant connections to available internet service providers in the area, connecting to a local ISP will not be a problem. Due to the nature of the industry that Lifeline operates in, they need access to all of their business information systems at all times, which means that whichever ERP is selected for them, strong mobile support is essential for operations.

Currently they use a residential ISP router provided by their ISP for their internet connection, a newer 2-in-1 style laptop/tablet, and two smartphones to conduct business operations via several-fragmented e-commerce, payment processing, logistics, accounting and supply tracking web-based applications and various different suppliers for ingredients, labels, bottles, and sanitary equipment.


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