You will find a journal article that is related to any topic within the field of psychology using
the library’s databases. Start with the Academic Search Premier database. Skim your textbook
for ideas on a topic. Make sure your topic is interesting to you. This will keep you motivated to
complete the assignment.
b. Your article must contain original quantitative research which conducts a correlational or
experimental study on a relevant topic that you can understand. Scan the abstract of the article
for clues to the kind of research being discussed and described. You may have to read the first
few paragraphs of the article to be sure you are on the right track. Let the instructor see your
article if you are NOT sure it is original quantitative research and/or a correlational or
experimental study
c. Stick to journal articles that are on your reading comprehension level. If you begin to read the
article and it does not seem to be making sense to you find another article that does.
d. Journal articles between 10 – 15 pages long usually work best for this assignment.
e. Do NOT use a case study, review of a study, qualitative study, meta-analysis study, or a study
over 15 pages long.
f. Be sure your article has an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section.
g. Journal article must not be older than 10 years ago.
Step 2. Read the journal article
a. This handout will assist you in outlining the basic areas covered in a journal article to help
you with note-taking skills as you read your article.
b. Review the research design material from the textbook, lectures and the Plagiarism/APA
Tutorials before you begin the writing process.
Step 3. Write an essay
a. Write a 1000 word essay summarizing the journal article you found. Your essay must be
word processed using Times New Roman with a 12 font, 1 inch margins, and double-spaced.
You may use the essay template found in the Student Resources folder in the online courseroom.
b. You must use correct APA formating with proper parenthetical citations in the body of the
essay and a corresponding reference on your reference page. Remember, if you create a citation
it must have a reference on the reference page; if you create a reference on the reference page
you must have a corresponding citation in the body of the essay. Correct APA formatting also
requires a title page and a reference page.
c. You must proofread your essay. The instructor will deduct 2 points per error in proofreading.

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