Reflection Paper on Theatre Production


Throughout my experience in taking this course, I feel that I have achieved much better understanding of theatre, literature, film and the interactions. The outcome is that I have become a more analytical viewer, and will continue to put into use the analytical skills I have acquired in this course. Furthermore, I have grown as a writer in general and a good theatre analyzer. Although preparing literary analyses is not particularly very interesting, it is clear that via vigorous practice, commitment, feedback and interest, I have been able to improve to a much greater extent than I initially thought I would be able to do in theatre.

The theatre had several different but pleasing things. The setting, lights, make-up, audio, and the costumes used were much pleasing. The Theatre Experience, 12th edition by Wilson, Edwin shows Wilson introduces students to the roles of the performers, producers, directors as well the designers, and on the other hand emphasizing the insights how audience members bring to any production. The costumes worn in the scene clearly described the theatre. The background audio soft music kept the audience in a soft and sober mood in readiness for the play. The light kept changing with changes in the scenes. What needed to be a dark moment I could see the lights go off a clear indication of a well directed theme.

There were different styles applied. In some instances comedy was used and I liked the idea since the audience could burst into laughter and this rekindled their patience. Where there were scenes where the character suffered extreme sorrow and suffering or was faced with a situation where he/she was unable to cope with unfavourable circumstances, tragedy was used. This made me find admire the reversal of events where a character was faced with challenges despite having a good start. In other scenes, it was ridiculously incongruous and unreasonable and this clearly portrayed a clear use of absurd. Some scenes inclined to literal truth and pragmatism, a show of realism. Other scenes had exaggerated emotions, stereotypical actors and interpersonal conflicts that indicated a good use of Melodrama. Heros were celebrated in other scenes. Those who made things happen or were deemed to have heroic characters were celebrated and this showed epic.

When actors are on stage, no two performances are the same. Actors should consider the emotions of the audience they are performing for. In addition, movies can be polished further since the content can be edited and reset whenever the filmmakers find it necessary, that said, in theatrical performances any errors are irreversible. The whole performance elicited belief and trust. The characters also portrayed the importance of support at the crucial moments. Dramatic reversals were seen in some scenes where some characters were faced with challenges. Some scene elicited tensions amongst the characters leading to character conflicts. I could see interpersonal conflicts brought about by ideological differences or conflicts of interests. At the end of the performance, the plot was unravelled. This was a good show of resolution in theatre.

From the Broadway to makeshift around the world Theatre experience demonstrates the active and lively role they play as audience members by engaging them in the collaborative and creative process behind and in front of the curtains. I think theatre can be used to foster peaceful coexistence and brotherhood. This can be brought about by the teachings in play and also the interactions during performances. In terms of writing, I have improved greatly. However, there are certain aspects that I still need to work on. One of these is theatre analyses and proofreading. As I have looked back on my assignments, there are several times where my written assignments have been having grammatical and occasional factual spelling errors. Although, there are a number of challenges for me to deal with, I believe I have gotten better since the start of the course. The feedback from my lecturer has been especially helpful in pointing me where to look for errors that need to be fixed.

Overall, I am fairly pleased with what I have learned in theatre. Starting at the beginning of the semester, we learned in great detail about theatre work and its various adaptations. And finally, many of my flaws as a writer have become more apparent. However, I feel this as a chance to address some areas where I could be doing better. In the end, I view that this course has been helpful in helping me become a better student.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I have really enjoyed this class experience. It has been exceedingly helpful for me to learn what this theatre is all about. I thank my teacher for the help.

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