Relationship Marketing Assignment Help


It is a form of marketing which focuses on long term relationship with customers through better services and good communication for enhancing the overall sales of the company.
For every organization to operate successfully there is need to generate loyalty from customers on long term basis. In present day scenario, the customers have myriad of options to choose from market and there is easy availability of information through internet. Therefore, relationship marketing becomes an important aspect of marketing strategy in a firm.

Approach of Relationship Marketing
The major approaches associated with relationship marketing include:
• Satisfaction – Suitable communication channels and customer service to satisfy a customer is a vital part of customer satisfaction.
• Retention – Ensuring that the customers are retained through multiple strategies becomes an essential part of relationship marketing which increases the profit and helps the company to meet the goals.

Six Markets Model
As defined by professors from Canfield University in 1990 which are vital in relationship marketing include:
1. Supplier markets
2. Internal markets
3. Recruitment markets
4. Influence markets
5. Referral markets
6. Customer markets

Live-in Marketing:
It is a facet of relationship marketing in which sample is provided to the customer for using in order to receive a feedback on the same.

Writing Services on Relationship Marketing:
The boom in social media has modified the face of relationship marketing as customer service, customer communication, feedback and complaints are performed by both customers and brand using social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus to name a few.
Our writers make sure that they follow and implement recent online trends while providing writing services on relationship management assignments.

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