Relationships between Teachers and Parents

This week’s researched based paper discusses positive collaborative relationships between teachers and parents that will help promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of children. The assignment is layered so make sure all the assignment’s criteria is addressed in your paper.

Here is the syllabus’ assignment.

In a 1,000-1,250-word paper, describe how positive, collaborative relationships with families promote the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of children. Examine attitudes that you hold and complementary attitudes that you believe parents should hold that support positive school-home relations. Additionally, describe specific ways that, as a classroom teacher, you could foster and promote collaborative relationships with parents. Support your paper with five scholarly resources.

Make sure to use 5 scholarly resources in your paper. Dictionaries and Wikipedia sources are not considered scholarly resources.

Further guidelines:

Please keep in the word limits of each assignment. You are required with each assignment to follow these guidelines unless the assignment calls for different formats.

+   Title Page – please use APA Template

  • Introductory paragraph – In this paragraph you must discuss briefly the subject(s) of your paper. Or you could say, you provide a brief outline of material you will cover in the paper.
  • Summary paragraph – In this paragraph you summarize the subjects covered in the paper. You do not cover new material not introduced in the paper.
  • APA standard writing – you must write using APA guidelines. If you are not already familiar with APA guidelines, please view the writing tutorials. Points will be deducted for writing errors. Please reread and rewrite your assignment before you submit it. Your words should flow off the paper. Watch your paragraph and sentence structures as well.
  • Abstract – Include an abstract only when it is called for in the assignment.
  • In text citations –with every assignment, you should cite some author’s work that validates your procedures or ideas. There must be a citation for each quote or paraphrase that you use.
  • Reference Page – when you use in-text citations, you should reference them on a separate reference page.
  • Adhere to word count – you need to watch your word count in each paper. A little above or below count is accepted.
  • Read classroom policies for particulars on grading policies.


Try typing in key words from your assignment to find articles. For example, type in Collaborate Relationships with Teachers and Parents and you will find many excellent articles. Or you can try typing in Fostering and Promoting Collaborative Relationships with Parents to find articles.


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