Last year, my friend Riley decided to throw me a surprise birthday party, which of course I already knew about because none of my friends can keep secrets. We were all enjoying ourselves but soon enough we were hungry, so we had ordered pizza from a local pizzeria down the street. It took about forty-five minutes to arrive and by then we were all starving. When the pizza man finally arrived, we took the pizzas and began to eat. We got down to the last slice quickly and since it was my birthday, my friends decided to let me have it. I was enjoying it and I made sure my friends had all seen how great the last slice tasted, but while I was gloating, I felt something odd floating in my mouth. I quickly pulled out the piece. Attached to it was a long piece of hair. It was the grossest thing that has ever happened to me. I thought that maybe it was mine, but as I looked more closely and tried to pick the hair off the pizza, I realized that the hair was stuck under the pepperoni.

The hair was baked into the pizza. We called the pizza place immediately because my friends and I were obviously very upset and grossed out by this. My friend began to yell at the worker and told him about the hair, expecting a deal or an apology, but all the man said was “There is nothing we can do about it”. We were angry for a while, but when they brought out the cake for me, it was quickly forgotten for the night. WE WRITE YOUR RESEARCH PAPERS ON ANY TOPICS! It was a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake, my favorite, with Winnie the Pooh drawn on it, and sixteen candles lit. My friend Riley placed the cake down on the table while all my other friends sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. When they were finished, I had to make a wish. I leaned over the cake, thought of my wish, and blew as hard as I could.

I then began to pick off the candles and lick the ice cream off the bottoms one at a time. I bent over to grab the last candle and all of a sudden, my face was in the ice-cold cake. Riley had shoved my head into the cake! I was a little angry, but I decided to make the best out of the situation. Because the cake was ruined, I decided to get her back and throw a little cake her way. That obviously started a food fight. Well we did not just throw the cake. Also thrown were some chips, candy, dip, and along with that Lauren was spraying whipped cream all over. There we were, about ten sixteen-year-old girls having a food fight in the living room of Riley’s house. It was a mess, but we also had the time of our lives. Food, as you can see can be very disgusting and you may not enjoy it as much because of the experiences you have had, but it can also be an enjoyable thing. Food brings people together.

My family loves food. We are Italian and therefore have many traditions that we follow. Every year it creates many memories that will last a lifetime. My Nona, which is grandmother in Italian, Jennie Colizza, has to be the greatest cook ever. She can cook anything from pasta and potatoes to soup and chicken. At Christmas time, we get it all. There are around seventy people in my family and my Nona feeds us all on holidays. When my family gets together, it is a very large gathering. There is hardly enough room in the kitchen. When we finally all sit down for dinner, the children and teenagers eat first at a couple large tables and once they are finished it is time for the adults. They get all the food put on the table, such as pasta (two kinds), ravioli, potatoes, salad, crab, ribs, beans, chicken, turkey, soup, only to name a few, whereas the children only get soup and pasta.

I have to eat with the children and teenagers because there are too many adults now, but when we were young, it was very exciting for one of the grandchildren to sit with the adults. Imagine seeing all this and getting to eat as much of it as you wanted to. Each supper I go up to my Dad or my Mom and ask them to get me a bit of food from their table, especially crab and potatoes, my favorite! Everyone eats for an hour or two and then it is time for dishes. This is definitely the worst part of the night, especially at Christmas. Once the table is clear and you look at the counter beside the sink, and beside the stove, and on the side table, there are towers of pots, pans, plates, cups, utensils, everything! The grandchildren have to wash them all. We make an assembly line down the counter where the sink is. There are three people, the washer, the dryer, and the putter-awayer that do dishes at a time. We work in ‘loads’.

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