Earlier today I posted to this blog Who Wants to Stop Anti-Conservative Hate Speech on Quora? In the comments I saw tons of support from users that continually remind me that this is the best blog on Quora. However, outside of that discussion, something else was going on. Within minutes of my post, I was contacted by moderation asking about the blog I mentioned earlier that resolved the issue. But I want you, as followers of Jon’s Deep Thoughts, to be aware of the backstory anyway. The blog is ironically dubbed to fight oppression, but quickly became a space meant to get users banned for communicating any sympathy with Conservative values and beliefs. What I mean is that users who I’ve grown to know and appreciate were called out as White Supremacists and called for action to be taken against them, from banning to outright harassment. Of course, what did he actually do? Was he racist or say any racist things?

No. Of course not. He did what everyone does that gets them called a racist. He disagreed with a Social Justice warrior by providing evidence and facts. I would be honored too, good Sir. When the first thing I saw was that someone I actually know is called a white supremacist, and by extension, needs to be banned… yeah, this one gets the treatment. I checked the edit log history and this user is a gold mine of activity that anyone would agree, is a profile that exists specifically to act badly. There are attacks on users, such as William and the others, vandalizing questions, and actively working to… just do everything I’ve talked about for the last year about nasty Social Justice Warrior behavior. And seriously, this has all happened in the last week. Normally, this wouldn’t even show up on my radar and I probably would have ignored it, if I didn’t see a friend specifically called out who I’ve never seen communicate white supremacist tendencies. This is clearly just meant to attack people who disagree with her as sexists and white supremacists, and whatever else.

That said, at this point, it was small fry stuff compared to some of the organized behavior I’ve reported before. That answer led me to see see the blog. So I wrote my original post. What I wanted to see was people who would be willing to help stop this sort of behavior that, by my experience, is rampant on the site. My intent had nothing to do with retaliation, but to train these individuals in the methods I use to report users who expressly violate Quora policy like this. I say my methods to mean the right way, to thoroughly track their behavior, how to best make moderation aware of it, and not to use reporting as a weapon of suppression like so many others do. The fact is that I spend a lot of time combatting this behavior that no one really knows about. I’d guess my reports number in the thousands. I get people who have read my writing and expressed that they were targeted too, but know that their reach isn’t far enough to get the attention I could, or are afraid of speaking out publically.

I usually go in and report what needs to be reported and call in moderation in other cases to handle it immediately when the cases merit. That said, it is a lot of work that I feel I really don’t have time to do by myself anymore. I simply don’t time for the investment, but feel it needs to keep happening. So I wanted to pass the torch to others. That said, something happened that threw a wrench in that plan. Within minutes of my original post, Quora moderation was in contact with me about the blog I mentioned. Literally minutes. I spoke with the moderator and communicated what I had found, and then minutes later the account, the blog, all the harassing questions and edits were gone. Literally, the only thing that slowed the process was the time I took to write my email. Major win… sort of. That said, all’s well that ends well, I think. I didn’t get all my goals from the original post, but I received a real heartwarming sense of satisfaction seeing all those who commented to it wanting to help fight this behavior. I’m still thinking of creating a guide to anyone else who is interested, and to those who did, standby, because I’ll probably be messaging you later. That said, great job everyone for bringing attention to nastiness on Quora and getting it resolved… especially the moderators… dude.

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