Revision strategy

Revision strategy is an important technique to be considered when one wants to ensure the essay written is perfectly well. This means the piece of writing should have the right language, grammar, spelling and punctuations. It is important for people to engage in revising their essays before they submit to the indented personnel in order to give appropriate reputation and impression (Jost, Spross, Grehn & Gerber, 2013). In my essay, ‘The Role of Government in Transportation’ there are various strategies that I need to employ in order to revise it well. The revision is intended to correct any error that I may have encountered when writing it without noticing. This will help to establish the areas that have more strength than others in terms of the weight of the points. Again I will be able to correct some grammatical and other mistakes in it make organize the points appropriately.

To begin the revision process, it is important to identify the areas that have more strength in terms of points. Again, these areas should have correct grammar and free from any other mistakes that may ruin its impression. To name a few, introduction and some other paragraphs portrayed good word organization, clear sentences and appropriate grammar. The introduction possesses strength in the sense that it attracts the attention of the reader, as it is captivating. The argument about the exact roles of the government in ensuring good transportation is well organized and has right words that are easy to be understood. Here, the reader is attracted to read more for him/her understand what the government need to do to make establish good transpiration network and why is important. Beside this, the third paragraph also shows an evidence of strength of points and word organization. The point about government ensuring sustainable transport system is a strong one. This is because it expounds more to global, economic and environmental aspects of life. This part helps readers to understand well what the government should do to make sure there is a good global interaction due to appropriate transport system. The other part concerning the world trade is also a strong part if the essay. It explains the important role government plays to ensure international trade expounds by establishing good transport system. This paragraph also shows good arrangements of words free from grammatical errors (Jost, Spross, Grehn & Gerber, 2013).

However, there are other various parts of the essay that are less strong and that they need to be addressed to correct the errors. The paragraphs that are arranged in point form display an error in essay writing and hence I need to correct this by writing good coherent paragraphs. There are some evidences of poor punctuations and grammar in some of the paragraphs and this need to be changed. The wrong arrangement of sentences such as starting with supporting statements instead of the major strong points is also a mistake done in most of the paragraphs and I have to correct them.

In addition, there is one paragraph, which shows most mistakes, and I need to correct it. The paragraph concerning the international trade is poorly arranged. There are supporting statements coming before the major points. Although there are some less instances of spelling mistakes, there are some aspects of grammatical errors such as wrong use of punctuations (Sommers, 1980). This revision strategy will provide me with an opportunity to correct the mistakes I had done and come up with a perfect piece of writing after doing all the necessary correction.



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