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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Thank you Ann, it’s always great to get your input and insightful comments. I was pleased the way this hub turned out after starting the hub with no idea what I was really going to write about. Glad you can identify with the sentiments expressed. Love the tongue in cheek approach, John. I like to think I don’t care much about scores but it is good to have a high score and get an occasional ‘Editor’s Choice’, merely because one feels appreciated just a little ibt. I feel sorry for those whose forte is poetry and who write it so well, like you. Why should they suffer because HP isn’t so encouraging towards them? I say we should do what we want, write about what inspires us and write with passion – that’s a sure fire recipe for success with your readers and Google can like it or not, as they please.

Great hub, loads of humour and with a message we can all identify with. Hey Mel, thanks for reading. Yes I,used to always place the poll,at the end too but reading HP’s recommendation it does make sense to place it earlier. I always put my poll at the end, perhaps I will have to rethink that strategy. You have given some very useful pointers here. I have made very sparing use of videos in my hubs but I suppose if I want to play the game right I’m going to have to do that too. I am always mystified by the hubber score. I just published a new hub yesterday and my score plummeted from 92 to 89. Sometimes there is just no pleasing the hub gods. Hey Dana, glad this helped give you a little kick to get back into your writing (we miss it). If you computer is acting up, write it all down on paper until it’s back up and running. Thanks for the vote up. Jodah: This was a very useful hub you have written here. All of the things you said are so true.

I know I hardly ever post but it’s so hard for me to find things to write about. And I don’t have as much time to dedicated to my hub writing. I’m going to make more of an effort. I have been stagnated by the fact that my computer has been acting up though. Voted up and useful. My pleasure Genna. It is always good when something we write inspires someone else or at least helps them overcome writer’s block (or lock down mode in our case). It is easy to find excuses to do other things isn’t it? Thanks for the vote up. Lol. Sometimes people write shite. Yes, they do. We do. Sometimes I look back at what I wrote some time ago and shudder. I am in a lock-down mode right now. With Pandion. It’s not writer’s block as the story is finished. But I have 4 paragraphs that I’ve been researching for weeks, and still don’t have the info I need to tie up those few loose ends. And I’m a genius when it comes to excuses. Thanks for reading this Billie.

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