Each analysis should be 750−850 words. Please attach a copy of the poem you are analyzing. (The poem is not part of the total word count.) Analyze a poem or poem excerpt from the text that ranges from sonnet length (fourteen lines) to three pages. Pick either a poet whose work was not read or discussed or a selection that was not covered in class from a poet that was discussed.


The poem that is being analyzed is “rondel of merciless beauty”. By Geoffrey Chaucer

The poem must be copy and pasted after the references.


Paper is fully developed, with a comprehensive analysis of the main ideas explored in this analysis, including usage of specific examples from the poem to substantiate claims. Paper addresses both the content of the poem and technical aspects of the poem, such as speaker, tone, meter, rhyme scheme, figurative devices, and imagery. Textual analysis reveals a sophisticated understanding of the elements of the poem addressed within this

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