51. A flexible budget can be prepared for which of the following budgets comprising the master budget? 18,000 units of activity. 20,000 units of activity. 16,000 units of activity. 1. Favorable differences that are not justified. 2. Unfavorable differences that are not justified. 1. will be within the relevant range. 2. is largely a matter of expediency. 3. is governed by generally accepted accounting principles. 58. Under management by exception, which differences between planned and actual results should be investigated? CVP graph in the way that fixed costs are shown. CVP graph in the way that variable costs are shown. CVP graph in that sales revenue is not shown. 68. Which of the following is not a true statement? All costs are controllable at some level with a company. Responsibility accounting applies to both profit and not-for-profit entities. Fewer costs are controllable as one moves up to each higher level of managerial responsibility. The term segment is sometimes used to identify areas of responsibility in decentralized operations.

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5. Surround yourself with family and friends, or just people in general- A part of being depressed is feeling isolated. Don’t allow yourself to give in to these feelings. Surround yourself as much as possible. 6. Seek help- This is a tough one. Many people don’t want to see someone because they think they are crazy by seeing a counselor or that they can handle it themselves. The fact is that counselors and psychologists are trained professionals who can teach you the tricks needed to overcome depression. 7. Talk about your feelings- How do you feel? What do you feel? Talk about it. Verbalizing what is going on inside more often than not will help you come to terms with what it is you’re feeling. 8. Write it down- Don’t deny your feelings. If you can’t verbalize it then write out what you are feeling. Keep a journal or simply write it out and throw the paper away. The idea is to accept your feelings and to see your feelings. 9. Go to work- Don’t neglect your job. Working will give you vital interaction and will help take your mind off of negative thoughts. 10. It will not last forever- Depression doesn’t last forever. For most it feels as though it will never end, but for most it will, it will get better. Now remember I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. This is simply what has helped me in the past. If you are dealing with depression or you know anyone who is then you should seek professional help. Don’t fall into the temptation to diagnose someone or yourself, leave that to those who are trained to. Furthermore, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Seek out local support groups in which to surround yourself.

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