9, which you can view here and here. Hello. My name is Margaret Jarden, I am twelve years old, and my family are Loyalists. But I do hope that this adventure will be worth it, after all, as my little brother Isaac will be bothering me most of the way. Anyway, my mother has told me that a group of Loyalists beside us has just told my father that we will arrive in somewhere called Shelburne, which I think is a capital name for a town! I sometimes wonder why we have to move to British North America, because I thought that my family was happy in New Amsterdam (the Thirteen Colonies). Well, my father said that it was because we must stay true to our roots, and stay true to the — oh my! I just saw a moose! What a wonderful place we’re in, I love nature! Canada will be especially topping because my father has told me that we will be getting 1000 acres of land!

Imagine, 1000 whole acres of land where I can roam free, with nothing but the sound of wondrous wind! Oh, I really cannot wait, this will be a marvelous experience for us all! P.S. I never finished my thought — my father said that we must stay true to the Kingdom of Great Britain, and to the British monarchy which is why we are moving to British North America. We are extremely close to arriving to British North America! I overheard a young little girl asking her father not too long ago, and I am very excited! Nothing very new has happened, but I have the most wondrous news! My father just told me that he will be getting me a horse! Almost all of my friends in the Thirteen Colonies had horses, so I finally feel included. Oh, and I have just seen a family of “British North Americans”(that’s what my father calls them), and they look quite similar to us Loyalists. I thought that they would look quite different, but I’ve only lived in New Amsterdam for my whole life. I have also noticed that they seem not at all too pleased to see us — one girl even through a stick at me! I think that this is because a rumour is going around which is saying that we will be making a new colony here. I don’t know, but I have to go help mum unpack the cart. Until next time, I will keep writing in this diary, explaining my adventures here in British North America. P.S. My father’s friend has given me a picture of where we will be moving(it’s near the bottom of the island).

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A load is a sink full of dishes. We usually do two or three of them, and then three more people replace us. We also have a girl’s day and a boy’s day. Each dinner we take turns with who is responsible for washing the dishes. When we were younger, this worked out a lot easier because we would eat together every Sunday and could easily keep track of whose turn it was. Now, we usually spend about five minutes fighting over whose turn it is, but eventually my Nona makes one group do it. Another very important family gathering is at Easter. The Easter brunch is much like Christmas, but we receive my Nona’s special Easter bread for this occasion. It is so delicious! It is a loaf of bread shaped like an egg with raisins and a special ingredient she throws in that is a family secret. My family in particular, likes to toast the bread and spread butter on it.

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