Samsung S8000 Jet – A Revolution in Smartphones


As there is great rival in the market and the companies are giving each other tough competition to lure the costumer with its product, Samsung has come up with its own perfect product to take on the rivals and capture the costumers. The smarter than Smartphone Samsung S8000 Jet claims to rival the Apple's much hyped iPhone and promises many new features.

The new phone comes up with an 800MHz processor which uses Samsung's proprietary feature-phone UI, the TouchWiz 2.0 OS. The phone is quite compact and light in size and is very pocket friendly to much more (108.9 x 53.5 x 11.9mm). Also it boasts of a 3.1 AMOLED LCD screen that adds to the charm of the phone. It has a whole plastic body and weighs 110g, but does not give the slightest look of a cheap phone. There is also a red prismatic effect on the back of the phone that also adds to the appeal of the phone. The design of the phone is beautiful and the buttons are logically placed on the front and on the sides for camera and volume functions. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack for connectivity to car stereo or headphones. The phone has a QWERTY keypad that is a problem to operate when the headphones are plugged in. However the video camera is of VGA quality and comes with a dual flash. The internal memory of the phone is 2GB. There is also a mini USB port for charging and computer connectivity.

The good part of this mobile phone is it is handy and light and equipped with all the features while the negatives include that it lacks those elite looks that matches its cost and moreover the OS and QWERTY keyboard with headphone on is a problem. Therefore one should go for complete specification before buying.


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