Seminar Transcription Services for Students


A seminar focuses on a specific subject, helping students familiarize themselves on the topic. All students present are encouraged to actively participate and discuss the practical issues that they face during their research. Seminars are an inevitable element in university graduation and help students develop their public speaking and research skills. Students need to record and transcribe these proceedings so that they can refer to them later to clarify some point. However, their academic pressures leave them with little time to prepare accurate transcripts of these Q&A sessions.

Suppose that you have attended five seminars this term and you have all the recordings. Needless to say, it will be a difficult task for you to listen or watch the seminars over and over again and write down what is important for you. Luckily, professional help is available. Leading transcription companies offer seminar transcription service at discounted rates for students. Regardless of your area of study, a reliable company can provide you with accurate transcripts that capture the gist of these seminars in the format you specify.

Single or Multi Speaker Seminars

In single speaker seminars, one person addresses the audience and takes questions from them. The services offered by the transcription firm in this case will include listening to the recordings, transcribing the seminar, checking the quality and delivering the transcript. If the seminar has multiple speakers, the transcription team will check for overlapping, listen to each voice, and accurately transcribe what each speaker said. It is better to send video recordings of multi-speaker seminars to the service provider so that they can identify the speakers and generate accurate transcripts.

Nature of Seminar Transcription

There are basically two types of seminar transcription – literal transcription (verbatim) and essence transcription (non-verbatim). Each and every word and utterance is transcribed in the case of literal transcription. Essence transcription involves omitting unimportant parts in the seminar and transcribing only the important points of discussion. Students may require both types. For instance, suppose the seminar is based on a latest finding in the field of physics. You would need to only know about the discovery and its advantages. The complex equations and derivations may not be necessary. The suitable option in this case is essence transcription. On the other hand, if you want to delve into the findings, you should opt for literal verbatim which would include documentation of the equations and derivations.

The services offered by the transcription company for literal transcription include simply listening to the seminar, transcribing each word uttered by the speaker and quality checking, while essence transcription services include listening to seminar again and again, transcribing the main points, editing, proofreading and quality checking.

Reliable seminar transcription service offers following benefits:

• Recordings in various audio and video formats are transcribed into any required format including Word, PDF, HTML and more

• Security and confidentiality are ensured with FTP or encrypted browser based file transfer

• Document flow management software for data tracking

• Customized solutions

• Customized turnaround time

Pricing of Seminar Transcription Services

The service rate usually depends upon the number of speakers, turnaround time, audio or video quality and other specifications including time codes and more. Multi speaker seminar transcription is costlier than single speaker as it requires more effort to generate accurate transcripts. You need to pay more for seminar transcription service with less turnaround time. Background noise, voice overlapping, low voice, thick accents, scientific terminology make recordings difficult to transcribe and this service may cost more. Many companies do not charge for headers, footers, underlining or bolding. Enquire about the pricing details before choosing a company. Reliable companies offer special discounts for students and educational institutions.


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