I would like to make it completely clear that I am not condemning all Search engine optimisation companies by writing this piece. There are good respectable companies out there who do a excellent job for their customers but sadly there are also some really bad ones as well who do not really care about the clients they just want the income and they don’t particularly care how they obtain it. I just want to make it crystal clear that I am not tarring everyone with the same brush! This article ought to assist anybody who is thinking about using an Search engine optimisation company.

Website Optimisation Services

How many businesses are out there that offer web page optimisation services? You know as well as me, 1000’s. Why? Because they all leap on the bandwagon offering search engine optimisation for companies to make money, when you can perform this yourselves and save an absolute fortune. I can say to you right now that you do not need website optimization services, really you don’t need it. The following is what you need to focus on if you want to optimise your website. This applies to any pages, not just your homepage.

Create a key phrase rich title

Hardly rocket science but one of the most vital on page optimisation techniques. Choose your keywords and phrases carefully for your title tag and try to incorporate geographical locality as well. For instance if you were a pet store owner situated in Bromsgrove you may well use a keyword phrase that covers your location as well such as ‘Pet Shop in Bromsgrove’. As you can see it is very straightforward to make up a key phrase rich title and you must do this for every individual page within your website tree. Each page should have a unique Title and Description. The description is used as a META tag in the source code and you can use it to attract visitors and prospective customers to your site as it appears below the link in the search engine listings.

Keyword Density

You will hear this turn of phrase a lot from search engine optimisation organisations but in effect all you need to do is to insert your keyword/s within your web pages so they are readable by humans but also search engine spiders a certain amount of times. Your most important keyword phrase is best inserted as a heading using the heading one tag; this should be directly after the BODY tag. As an example you could put ‘Pet Shop in Bromsgrove, Monkeys Pet Store’. If by using the heading tag your site looks odd and the text is actually too large do not worry about it! Just simply use a style sheet to alter the font size of the text in the heading one tag, simple!

The keyword/s that you want to employ should be inserted two or three times depending on the amount of text present. Do not include the keyword/s too many times, this is known as keyword stuffing and it will not work. The best way to deal with this is to write your content for your visitors and aim to use the keywords and phrases without making the text non-readable. You don’t need to perform a massive quantity of work for on page search engine optimisation because back links to your web site are the KEY issue in search engine optimisation. Just carry out the basics and concentrate on quality back links!

Submitting your website to Search Engines

This is a absolute waste of time and you do not need this service at all. The search engines will find your web pages anyway or you can simply generate a site map that will help the search engines index your website. If you really would like the pages indexed quickly, ping them using ping services and create an RSS Feed and ping them to all the RSS directories. In order to get in the top results in the results pages you need to increase your website link popularity. A lot of people say that content is extremely important and will increase your rankings and the more the better, well agreed, content is important but it will not get you into the top results alone, you need keyword focused anchor text from quality external links.

Guaranteed top ten listing

We have all seen them saying we can promise you a top ten listing with Google within a couple of weeks. They may get you a top listing but they will be for not so competitive keywords or not competitive long-tailed keyword phrases. I have known some SEO companies to use Google Ad words to get you on the 1st page of Google and not the natural organic results and even if you are happy with that you will still be paying out more to the company than you would be if you just managed the Ad words account yourself. Another good ploy that a few companies use is checking the results for keywords that you already rank well for but you don’t realise that you already do. They then say that they got you these good results. It really is a minefield. No-one can guarantee Top ten search engine results for a competitive keyword quickly; it takes a lot of time and effort and more importantly keyword rich quality back links.

So, what have we learnt?

1. Do not bother with search engine submission services; you are throwing your money away!

2. A little bit of on page SEO is beneficial but it isn’t the key. What is the most important part in obtaining good results in Google? Back links

3. You need to increase your link popularity

The next article in the series is going to explain to you why most of the link building services provided by SEO companies don’t work and I will tell you what does.