Should All Students Be Required To Write Discursive Essays


Writing essays has never been easy for students because they have to learn the different techniques used to develop quality essays. In addition, it requires students to research effectively on the material to be discussed something that is involving in terms of time used and mental attention. Further, students have to apply different writing skills depending on the information being presented in the essay hence making them to think critically on how to write the essays. In this regard, this essay will discuss whether or not all students should be required to discursive essays. I think it is significant o write essays because they enhance critical thinking, gauges students’ level of understanding of contents taught in class and improves life of the students.

Writing of academic essays by students helps to enhance their critical thinking skills. Essay writing requires students to study widely and evaluate different ideas that are presented by different writers. In the process of essay writing, students have to identify the relevant information from the vast amounts of information available at their disposal. This means that the thinking and analyzing capabilities of students is expanded because of being exposed to varied opinions of different writers. Students for instance, may evaluate and borrow rich ideas from great writers such as William Shakespeare. This can only be possible hen a student is given an opportunity to write an essay reflecting on authors’ ideas. Therefore, essay writing enables students to nature their mental skills because it is through writing and reading that they can gain knowledge of making rational decisions (Blue 1).

Secondly, students should be required to write discursive essays because the essays can be used to gauge their level of understanding of contents taught in class. In a normal academic setting, tutors assess whether students have gained knowledge in the material taught in various courses through exams and assignments that most of the times require submission of well presented information in terms of an essay. For instance, it is only possible to assess the level of students’ understanding in history or English class through essays written by the students. Tutors can understand the level of their students understanding by evaluating the content of students’ essays. According to Battaglia and Media, writing of essays is an effective tool of assessing student knowledge through evaluation of arguments and examples they present in the essay (1).

Of more importance, training on how to write discourse essays is important for students because the technique is essential in real life settings. According to Blue, discursive writing encourages students to point out universal concerns in the community (1). In the real life applications, writing plays an important role in communication, something that is very essential in any form of activity undertaken in the society. It is worth pointing out that skills used in writing discourse essays is important for the success of students in various areas after their college education considering the fact that team work is essential for success (Battaglia and Media). For instance, the students are able to critically analyze material and present arguments in consideration of the target audience. Essay writing technique may be essential in helping students come up with constructive arguments in various issues such as politics in the society. This means that it is easy for students to fit in the society after school because they are able to access information to share with different type of people.

Lastly, it is important for students to be engaged in writing discursive essays because the skill obtained from the exercise improves their life generally. This is because students become updated on various issues that can contribute positively to their life. For instance, writing essays enables students to develop research skills that can be used to find out solutions to general problems in the society or privately. Through writing, a student may be able to learn about technological changes and societal morals deemed significant in improving lives of individual students. In addition, students develop skills of evaluating the kind of information to present to different target audience in the society thereby enabling them to develop good association with people of different knowledge capacity. In a nut shell writing of discourse essays enables students to be smarter in evaluating issues and opinions (Blue 1).

On the other hand, writing discursive essays has several limitations. To start with, plagiarism has become a norm in many institutions recently. Considering the fact that writing quality essay requires thorough research and critical evaluation of opinions presented by different writers, students have opted for an easy way out where they buy or copy materials from other sources (Schuman 1). This is a major problem in most colleges and the administrators should come up with different methods of assessing the understanding levels of students because essay writing may not always produce the correct picture considering the fact that students can present good essays that have been copied or bought from other sources.

Secondly, it is worth pointing out that not all students like writing essays even though they are able to read and critically analyze materials. Writing is a skill and a gift that not every student has just like any other gift. For instance, a student who is gifted in co-curricular activity but not in writing may find it difficult writing essays and even feel pressurized when asked to write an essay thus resulting o cheating or plagiarism. According to Schuman, writing essay papers should be a preserve of courses that require strict writing skills like English major (1). Schuman further states that essay writing in other courses should be replaced with alternatives such as oral and written exams (1). This makes sense because written and oral examinations can be used to accurately assess the knowledge of students because they are carried out one-on-one and students have no opportunity to copy.

Finally, college instructors also find grading of student essays a daunting task for them. This is because they have to literally read all the essays presented to them in order to carry out proper grading. It may be tedious and boring going through all the essays written by students. This is as opposed to oral or written examinations where the instructors only focus on the answers presented by students thereby making their work easier. Further, reading several essays on a particular topic can be boring to the instructors in addition to consuming much of their time.

In conclusion, writing discursive essays has both positive and negative effects to student. From the above discussion, it is evident that the positive effects on students are very significant. Of more importance, it is evident that writing discourse essays equips students with skills that are useful in their future life after school. On the other hand, it is evident from the above discussion that writing discursive leads to vices such as plagiarism among students. In addition, the essays make the college instructors to have more work especially in grading.




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