For this assignment I will be writing from the point of view of a 12 year old black Loyalist. These black Loyalists are known as the runaway slaves from America who are loyal to the Crown for protection. I am supposed to write from either a loyalists point of view meeting the British North Americans for the first or vice versa. For more indept information about this assignment click the links to view Mike’s Blog and Miss Pollock’s Blog. My family and I have just arrived and I am finally getting some time for myself to write something about my adventures. For a 12 year old boy this is a dream come true, and I am not even a man yet. Our adventure up north was pretty capital if you ask me. But I really don’t want to write about anything that happened throughout the journey because I want to talk about the wondrous now. Now is the adventure and now is what I want to write about.

My adventure starts off with me and my older brother exploring the new land when we just arrived, but these very topping people were giving us stares and making fun of our colour. It is very rude and totally topping of them. Anyways I won’t be able to write anymore, my papa is calling me for our journey to a capital city up Northwest named I think Birchtown, where we “the coloured” ones will be settling down. I love it up here in Birchtown if I got it right, it is so capital and wondrous. My parents told me that the land that we live on right now is around 40 acres big as is the rest of the people’s land, except for the topping so-called leader Colonel Stephen Blucke. He has a whole 200 acres to himself. In this city we only have our type of people. Birchtown is basically the biggest black settlement.

One thing I am glad about is that we don’t live near the topping white people. They really hurt me. It is as if they don’t want us here, but I am not sure because I don’t see them much anymore. I think this city is very beautiful but I always hear mama complaining about how the land we are given has poor soil, and the unfriendly and icy land. And I have heard many other people complain about how we haven’t been granted with farm lots yet. But we have got to live with since we have no other choice but slavery. Anyways I don’t have anything else to write about other then the fact that we have got to work very hard before the onset of winter. I have a lot of chores ahead of me so, BYE. Birchtown is Located Northwest of Shelburne. It is one of the biggest Black settlements.

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