Using the outline you created in Module 2, populate those sections of the Portfolio Project paper you will submit in Module 8 that pertain to Littlefield Simulation Iteration 1, which you completed in Module 4.

Simulation Iteration 1 Data: Summarize this iteration of the simulation in terms of how frequently you accessed it and your procedure for collecting and recording data. Present the table you designed and populated which: (a) captures quantitative, time-phased data regarding the inputs, transformation processes, outputs, and cash position of your factory, and (b) documents actions that you took to control parameters in the operation, and when you took them in terms of simulation days. Your only adjustable parameters will be the number of machines at each station and scheduling policy.

Simulation Iteration 1 Reflection: Describe what you learned about operations management from this iteration of the simulation; why you took certain actions in terms of adjusting parameters; and the apparent results of the actions you took.  Explain the lessons you learned from Simulation Iteration 1 that you decided to apply to Simulation Iteration 2.