Cigarette, pipe and cigar-smoking are so involving, that not everyone may have enough will to quit. Those, who smoke are entirely bound with such a dreadful habit.
Read the proof points below. Who knows – it might impress you and help you to give up smoking for the rest of your life!
There is no need to say a smoker may have heart diseases more often than a non-smoker. Such diseases as pneumonia, influenza, pulmonary tuberculosis constantly chasing the smokers. An average smoker is always recognized by stained teeth, fingers, and hair. If you smoke, you will, probably, have nausea.
Think about surrounding people now. If they are non-smokers, they will have to stand your stinky breath while talking to you. This is, definitely, not preferable during the first date!
No wonder smokers have often headaches and hack. Besides they have to spend extra money on cigarettes, in stead of buying some nutritious food.
Everybody knows smoking causes cancer of any kind (including lip, tongue cancer). But if this does not impress you that much and you do not care about death coming up, think about decreasing of mental and sexual activity.
Nevertheless, people keep on smoking, disregarding the list of “might-be” problems. But you can decide whether to smoke just for yourself. Do not quit at once. Try to decrease the amount of smoked to half. Proceed gradually. If you became dependent on smoking, do not put it off for tomorrow or next Monday. Start right now.


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