Choose (8) credible sources for your research project, and prepare an annotated bibliography in APA format that includes each source.

  • At least Six of your sources must either be books or scholarly articles.
  • The remaining Two sources may be from other mediums, such as: expert interviews, news articles, official websites, government documents, and other credible resources.
  • Credible sources DO NOT include: Wikipedia, non-expert or non-journalistic blog posts, and “.com” websites that are not associated with a recognized level of professional credibility.

Each annotation shall include one concise paragraph that states the following:

  • A problem, issue, or question that the author seeks to solve, address, or answer.
  • The author’s main idea or conclusion.
  • A brief description of evidence or premises the author utilizes to reach the conclusion or support a main idea.

Due: Tuesday February 14, 2017. Submit as a MS Word document attachment through Moodle.

Grade: This assignment is worth 10 graded points. You are expected to make a good-faith effort to utilize correct APA formatting, but I will primarily evaluate how accurately and concisely you: (1) identify the issue; (2) state the main point/conclusion; (3) and describe the premise.

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